Choosing Packer and Movers

  •        靘   Get estimates from Moving companies
           靘   Compare the Quotes and Features
           靘   Check the reliability before choosing
           靘   Find reviews if any body provided
           靘   Ask for references about their services with past customers
           靘   Make sure if they can provide special services like Car/Bike/Pets etc shifting
           靘   Check out whether any hidden costs or clause
           靘   Go for agreement signed by Both Parties

    While Packing

           靘   Prepare Checklist
           靘   Keep the valuable documents and things aside
           靘   Carry hand baggage to be kept aside and inform the supervisor at the time of packing
           靘   Pack heavy items in small boxes for easy transportation.
           靘   label your items packed with different tags
           靘   Wrap fragile items with Air-cellular cushioning
           靘   Use Loose fill Peanuts to restrict the box movement in Double Boxes
           靘   Use strong Tape designed for Shipping
           靘   Move plotted plants and planters from the front porch and walkways on the move day.
           靘   check every room After packing your household items
           靘   After completion of packing, verify whether all packages are in Good condition or having Patches
           靘   Get rid of Unnecessary items before you go. Host a garage sale or donate them to a charity. Dispose of as much trash as possible.


           靘   Count the items loaded into the truck
           靘   Check entire house if any thing is missing
           靘   Take the contact details of the packers and necerray documents related to shifting
           靘   Take a pic of your Truck carrying Goods
           靘   Ask foreman to load your basic requirements (bed sheets, toiletries etc ..) last, so That they can be unload it First.


           靘   After your load reaches the destination, Count the items whether reached all or not
           靘   After unpacking every item, go through your checklist
           靘   Remember unpacking is always fun Rather than Packing.
           靘   Take a pic of your Truck carrying Goods
           靘   Do not be in a Hurry to unload every item at a time. First try to unpack Daily Items like kitchen ware, Toiletries, and so on.
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